Mustafa Khetty

Years pass by, but dreams remain

A fire burning bright, undimmed by pain

No limits now, no bounds to hold

This love affair, forever bold

Mustafa Khetty is a worldly, multi-faceted individual with a background that transcends borders. From Sri Lanka to Ireland and the Middle East, he has lived an adventurous life as a commodities trader, tech expert, and traveler. However, his burning passion for music, ignited in the heyday of progressive rock, remains a constant flame throughout his journey. With a rich and diverse background, Mustafa Khetty is truly an enigmatic figure.

As a young Irish schoolboy, Mustafa was swept away by the Emerald Isle's rich musical and cultural heritage. Immersed in classical, choral and prog rock he dreamed of becoming a musician, until his Sri Lankan parents dashed those hopes. But that flame would not be extinguished. After college, Mustafa found himself in the heart of the New York financial district, where he saw the brutal side of life on Wall Street and the importance of holding onto his humanity. He left the cutthroat world of finance and pursued a career in tech, where he found success and fulfillment.

But in 2017, Mustafa's true calling beckoned once again. He left the tech world behind and returned to his childhood dream of composing music, drawing inspiration from a lifetime of travel and exposure to diverse cultures and sounds. The result is The Morpheus Project's debut album, Mozaick, a stunning fusion of classic progressive rock and global influences that has been hailed by critics. A French reviewer coined this as world progressive

With no limits and a bohemian spirit, Mustafa lives life on his own terms, dividing his time between Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Ireland, where he continues to make music with a 2nd album dedicated to his hero, General Michael Collins released in August 2022. He is a true original, one who has lived a life of adventure and creativity, and continues to break boundaries and conventions.

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