I could not describe the variety of themes that flow through the piece, if you experienced the early incarnations of prog from the likes of Eno, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and The Nice you will know how music can inspire and intrigue taking you off on a trip.”

– Classic Rock Radio

In a world of disposable modern pop, this track throws a lifeline to the music fans who prefer to dive deeper”

– Prog Magazine

“Pure genius… it’s just incredible.”

– BBC Introducing

250 Synchronicity

A prog single with clear classical antecedents, cliff-diving guitar arpeggios and six-guitar counterpoint: a seven-minute summary of The Morpheus Project’s protean MO.


An emotional tribute to Ireland’s destiny child. t has been a passion and an elated journey to compose the musical narrative album to commemorate his 100th anniversary next year on August 22, 2022. The Overture is released to commemorate his 99th remembrance. The album would be a musical rendition of the romance and love affair of Michael Collins and his fiancée, Kitty Kiernan.

Cry for freedom

Tribute to the Bosnian women and children who suffered the most during the conflict facing incredulous brutality, torment and loss of their loved ones.

Nights to Remember (Official Video)

Inspired by the Dylan Thomas poem, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, ‘Nights to remember’ is a song about our inner disorientation and torment arising from social, economic, societal, environmental and personal conflicts that inevitably leads to fear, rage, hopelessness and inaction with dire outcomes.


‘Awesome’ – Classic Rock Radio. A tumultuous labyrinth of sound & rhythm and fusion of East and West comprising over 30 instruments and multiple genres.

It's who we are! Mozaick (Radio edit)

It's who we are! Mozaick


Ambient and mesmeric music to soothe the soul. A tribute to the Armenian flute, Duduk, a haunting and ethereal instrument.


Solace is a musical journey following the rapid devastation caused by a single virus that has crippled the world with over 3 billion in lock down and the affected gasping for breath.


Why does your eyes have so much rage?
Why do you crave to explode with hate?
Where all the madness comes from in your heart beat
Gliding through the darkness in your sleep