1 Rage Before The Storm
2 Shrill
3 Dancing With Elves
4 It's Who We Are! Mozaick
5 Tomorrow Never Comes
6 Tomorrow Never Comes
7 Waiting
8 Istanbul Swing
9 Nights To Remember
10 Cry For Freedom
11 Rage Before The Storm - Live
12 It's Who We Are! Mozaick - Live
13 Istanbul Swing - Live
14 Istanbul Swing - Richard Norris Remix Edit
15 Rage Before The Storm - Seahawks Mood Mosaic Remix
16 It's Who We Are! Mozaick - Andy Votel Remix
17 Istanbul Swing - Richard Norris Remix

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From the highly acclaimed first album, with new remix and re-mastered with live tracks.

Release Date

July 18, 2022


Pure genius... it's just incredible.

BBC Introducing

Chapeau Mustafa Khetty, with 'Mozaick' you've managed nothing less than a masterpiece! Well worth the listen, multiple times at best, just in order to fully discover the sheer variety and beauty


In a world of disposable modern pop, this track throws a lifeline to the music fans who prefer to dive deeper

Prog Magazine

Morpheus Project is the very definition of genre-bending music. Defying genre and vowing with scale. Simon Smith

Higher Plain Music