Longford links to Collins inspired concept album – Torn in Love, Torn Apart: The Story of Michael Collins & Kitty Kiernan

April 24, 2023

There is a strong Longford connection to the latest offering from Sri Lankan born, Dublin raised musician called Mustafa Khetty.

Khetty was inspired to give creative flesh to a protean soldier-statesman with few equals, in an ambitious concept album based around Michael Collins’ passionate love affair with Kitty Kiernan.

The clear connection is the Granard links, but there’s more.

“Torn in Love, Torn Apart: The Story of Michael Collins & Kitty Kiernan” is neoclassical, as for instance in the Overture, which adds Irish folk instrumentation – flute, harp and bodhrán drum.

There is a Vivaldi like dance with elements of traditional music reflecting Kitty Kiernan’s pre-Collins life as a dance-loving socialite.

A funk/rap track to bring the hide and seek mischief of Michael Collins escapades with the British Intelligence. The Dublin Gospel Choir added their voices to backup vocals and in the Requiem.

Featuring on the work is Longford Suprano Emer Barry. Emer contributes to the album that narrates Collins’ life, with specific focus upon the letters sent between Collins and his fiancée Kitty Kiernan at the time he was negotiating the treaty with the likes of Churchill, set to music that traverses Celtic, Prog, Neo-Classical, Funk and more.

Mustafa’s intention is to shine more of a light both on his love story with Kitty, and also the cheekiness and quite incredible life.

The album will be released on October 14, in honour of Collins’ birthday on October 16.

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